Bästa Fyran 2020

IES Sundbyberg

Today students from IES Sundbyberg participated in the swimming competition called Bästa fyran. The competition is arranged by Svensk simidrotts simföreningar together with Svensk Simidrott and the main sponsor, Medley.

During the autumn term we asked which of the students in grade 4 who would like to participate in the competition. These students were divided in teams of four.

The students behaved really well both on the way to the swimming hall and back to school, but most of all during the competition. They listened and followed the instructions that were given. They cheered on all teams that participated and we had a lot of fun. 

The teachers that came along to support are very proud and impressed by the teamspirit that the students showed. 

On second place: Team 2

On third place: Team 6

We would like to congratulate all of the students that participated - We are so proud of you! 

IES Sundbyberg