Thank you for a great school term

From the Principal
Christmas IES Sundbyberg

Thank you for a great school term - students, staff and parents.

We started our new school in August and 4 months later I am really proud of what we have achieved. I am so impressed by our students and how quickly they have adapted and become IES students and future IES ambassadors. Our staff and teachers have done an amazing job and we see today the result of all hard work.

It has been a fantastic time and I have enjoyed coming to school every day.

The plans for the next schoolyear 2019/20 has started and during the spring we will start the recruitment of new teachers and staff as well as the intake process. The construction and expansion of the school is according to plan.

I also want to say thank you PTA - our Parent Teachers Association - your dedication and interest in our school is amazing and very valuable. You as a parent are important and the bridge between school and home.

We look forward to see you again Wednesday the 9th of January when school starts again.

Have a really nice Christmas and a Happy new Year!

Ms Kinberg