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Our Library

IES Sundbyberg

This new term has seen the opening of our new library here at IES Sundbyberg! Above you can see a picture of the early work in progress when we were building it. Our library is home to more than 1.200 books, both in English and Swedish. Tables have been set up to host students wishing to study, read or draw, in a quiet and friendly environment. In time, activities such as a book club gathering, thematic days will be organized to raise literature and cultural awareness.

Meet and Greet

IES Sundbyberg

Every morning we Meet and Greet our students. A perfect way to start the day and also to make sure all our students are ready for the new school day.

Our School Bakery

IES Sundbyberg

This morning we were welcomed by the fantastic smell of freshly baked breakfast buns!

Thank you Maria and Fazer - our food supplier here at IES Sundbyberg. 


From the Principal

New school year

The new school year starts August the 19th. This year IES Sundbyberg will have students from grade 4-7 with a total of 512 students. When the school is fully expanded we will be a 4-9 school. The intake process for the upcoming school year 2019/2020 is completed for grade 4-6 and there are currently no more available places for students. We have a very high interest in our school and therefore we have more applicants in our queue than available places. We do have a few spots left in grade 7. So if you are interested in a place at IES Sundbyberg and have not yet signed up in the queue, please sign up via our online form. Information about the intake process is found under “Join the queue”. 

Next school year we will have an intake of grade 4 and we will start the new intake process in January 2020. We will invite students and parents that have been offered (and accepted) a place to an open house during the Spring 2020. If you have any questions about IES Sundbyberg please feel free to contact us directly at