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From the Principal

Survey results

98% of IES Sundbyberg parents recommend our school to other parents!

We have received the results from the IES survey to parents, staff and students and we have really nice results to be proud of. Thank you all for your hard work and support.

Next school year we will open up for classes 4-7 and have a total of 16 classes. When the school is fully expanded we will be a 4-9 school.

From the Principal

Results from Skolenkäten

We are proud to have teachers, staff, parents and students that make our school what we are. The result from Skolenkäten by Skolinspektionen from autumn 2018 shows evidence that all hard work and engagement have affect. The result is amazing and we score above average on all questions. Well done and thank you all for your hard work!

International Women's Day

IES Sundbyberg

On Friday, March 8th, we arranged a quiz walk for the students here at school to celebrate International Women's Day. 

Congratulations to our winner who got 8 out of 10 questions correct! 

From the Principal

Information about intake fall term 2019

IES Sundbyberg

We have started the intake process for the upcoming academic year and we plan to have 4-7th graders 2019/20. The 8-9th grades will not be open for the next school year. The intake process will proceed until all places are full. If you have any questions about the intake process please read more on our webpage or contact us directly.